8:46: 9/11 VR Simulation

Trigger Warning: the simulation tries to depict the experience of someone inside the first tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11.  There are explosions, panic, and a suicide.

I feel it’s useful to post this for everyone’s consideration.  This Gothamist article is very critical of the project.  I’m curious if everyone agrees that just because something is “gamelike”, that means it can’t be serious/poignant/thoughtful, and if it takes on challenging themes that makes it “perverse”?  And do you think that in this particular case the simulation is offensive, or is there anything worthwhile about it?  If it’s offensive, what is missing/wrong?


Many of you probably heard about this, but The New York Times has started NYTVR, and will be releasing ongoing VR content.


One surprising element of this initiative is that they are sending a Cardboard to all of their Sunday subscribers, so people like my in-laws, who wouldn’t otherwise purchase or experience VR in the near future, will have easy access to it.

Road to VR

This was in one of the presentations last night, not sure how great of a resource it is, but might be worth following for trends…

Here’s another example of the type of stuff they cover: